The Future of Software Development

Unlimited development requests with a simple monthly subscription.
Share your designs, submit requests, and see your ideas come to life.

Revolutionizing Software Development

Avoid the complexities of vetting developers or managing outsourcing. We replace traditional developers and expensive agencies with a straightforward monthly payment. Ideal for startups and businesses.

Welcome to the next era of AI, Software, and Automation Development.

Reduce Costs

Trim unnecessary expenses by avoiding the hiring of expensive or unqualified developers. Allow us to handle high ROI development tasks while you concentrate on your business.

Increase Speed

Remove bottlenecks with faster project cycles and fewer meetings, speeding up your development process by up to 4 times.

Quality Control

Ensure top-notch development by reducing miscommunication and inconsistencies through effective project management.


Ready to Build your own Software?

The traditional coding process is sluggish, cumbersome, and resource-intensive. At Sudox Labs, we harness the power of no-code development, allowing us to create MVPs in significantly less time and cost.

  • Rapid MVP Prototyping
  • From Ideas to Production Ready Software
  • Accelerated Development Timelines


    Build Custom Solutions for your Business

    Experience an unprecedented level of streamlined processes with AI and No Code. Reshape your business, from custom tools and task completion to automation and beyond.

  • Custom Dashboards, CRMs, Internal Tools
  • AI Trained Chatbots (Support & Lead Gen)
  • Smooth Intergration with All Your Platforms
  • How It Works

    Bid farewell to lengthy agency onboarding. Subscribe, add your project details, and witness us set up and deliver your first task within 72 hours.

    Getting Started

    Book a Discovery Call

    Book a Discovery Call with us to comprehend your business, project concept, and refine your vision. We'll assess your existing systems, outline actionable next steps, and address any queries you may have about our services.

    Subscribe & Add Your Project Details

    After subscribing, input your project details into your Trello board. This involves uploading designs, outlining functionality, and furnishing all the information necessary for the development process. Rest assured, we'll assist you in configuring your project board accurately.

    Create Your Project Tasks

    We generate your tasks and establish Weekly Sprints. Let us break down your project details into actionable development tasks. Your developer will then craft a weekly 'Sprint' cycle with multiple tasks due by the end of the week. Each task completed during the week will be flagged for review.

    Request Unlimited Revisions

    Once a task undergoes review, label it as complete. We refine each task until you're completely satisfied. Upon your approval, we proceed to the next task. Each week, a new sprint will be generated, comprising fresh tasks. If a task from a prior sprint is still 'in-progress,' it will carry over into the new sprint.

    Track and Manage your Progress

    See your concept materialize

    Just log in and monitor your project's advancement with Trello. We simplify the process of reviewing tasks, assigning revisions, adding comments, viewing links, and sharing new details with your developer. We recognize that development requirements may vary. Therefore, you can pause your subscription when no tasks are pending and resume when needed.

    In Conclusion:

    • Book a Discovery Call with us to comprehend your idea, then subscribe and input project details.
    • We'll tackle your project step-by-step as actionable development task. You have unlimited revisions.
    • Supervise the progress by simply logging in and watch your idea to come life.



    We not only revolutionized software development but also made it accessible, efficient, and affordable. Bid farewell to traditional coding as we usher in the era of accelerated No Code development, achieving up to 5x faster project completion, with your initial task done within 72 hours.

    SAAS Development

    Establish your Software Business effortlessly! We transform your wireframe designs into robust and user-friendly applications using the latest no-code technology, tailored to meet your project requirements. Just share your idea and project details, then witness our developers bring your vision to reality.

    Custom Business Solutions

    Transform your business by creating bespoke solutions or effortlessly integrating all internal tools into a customized, centralized dashboard. Craft your own systems like CRMs and Business Management Tools, perfectly tailored to your business needs, and enhance them further with our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

    Custom AI & Automation

    Craft personalized AI and Automation solutions designed for your business. Leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to streamline daily tasks and revolutionize operations, spanning from Sales and Lead Generation to Customer Support and beyond. Our AI solutions seamlessly integrate into your system.

    No Long Term Commitments

    Opt for the convenience of a monthly subscription, enabling you to pause during slow periods and resume when the workload increases. Experience the freedom and peace of mind of zero contracts or long-term commitments, unlike traditional software development agencies.


    Check our Pricing


    A single subscription, boundless opportunities. Our pricing structure is transparent and straightforward.

    Just pay a clear, fixed monthly subscription fee to gain unrestricted entry to our No Code software development solutions. No concealed costs, no extra fees.

    You have complete autonomy to cancel or pause your subscription whenever you choose.

    Experience limitless requests, revisions, and tasks. We persist until you're fully content with our software solutions.

    Elite Plan

    $9,995 / month

    • 2 Active Sprints
    • 2 Dedicated Developers
    • Unlimited Task Request
    • Unlimited Revision Request
    • Dedicated UI/UX Designer
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Weekly Development Meeting
    • Product Site For Mobile App Clients
    • Pause or Cancel Anytime


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who's the ideal client for Sudox Labs?

      Sudox Labs is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes seeking software development or operational enhancement through advanced technology. We recognize the challenges of hiring a full-time developer - the time-consuming vetting process, high costs, and the risk of skill set mismatches.

      In contrast, Sudox Labs provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative. Access a vast pool of pre-vetted, multi-talented developers with exceptional skills and diverse expertise. This allows you to leverage top-notch development skills without the commitment of a full-time salary, saving valuable resources.

      But there's more. Our robust project management system simplifies task creation and progress monitoring. Just add your requirements and track progress in real-time, ensuring your project stays on the right path. If you aim to optimize your business, enhance your digital landscape, and do so cost-effectively, Sudox Labs is the perfect choice. Let us handle the intricacies of software development while you focus on what matters most - growing your business.

    • Great question! Employing a full-time senior developer can incur significant costs, with an average annual salary surpassing $120,000, not to mention additional expenses for benefits. The hiring process can also be prolonged and demanding. Crucially, your workload may vary, resulting in periods where there aren't enough tasks to fully engage a full-time developer. Opting for our subscription agency membership means you pay solely for the necessary development work, have the flexibility to pause or resume your subscription as needed, and sidestep the financial strain of an underutilized in-house developer.

    • Through our subscription service, freely add or modify tasks in your queue. Our team consolidates multiple tasks into weekly "Sprints." Tasks within a sprint are completed each week, with a new sprint formed regularly, including new tasks. Each task in a sprint undergoes a "Review" to ensure satisfaction before progression.

      Note, only a single project can be active at a time. Upon project completion, create a new project within your existing subscription. To concurrently develop multiple projects, multiple subscriptions are required.

    • The timeframe for your software depends on task complexity, with most requests completed in 24-72 hours on average. However, more intricate tasks may require additional time.

      You'll likely monitor weekly "Sprints," consisting of prioritized tasks completed within the week. Tasks in progress at the sprint's end roll over to the next.

      How It Works: An active project is divided into essential "tasks," grouped into a weekly sprint (3-6 tasks). Task assignments in a sprint vary based on difficulty and specificity.

      Project Timelines:
      Large Projects (2-4 Months): "Create a comprehensive dashboard CRM + AI Chatbot for a business"
      Medium Projects (1-2 Months): "Develop a SAAS offering copywriters an advanced AI text editor"
      Small Projects (1 Month): "Implement a basic AI Chatbot System"

      Note: These are general examples; task count may vary. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality work and keeping you informed on project progress throughout development.

    • No need to worry! Your contentment is our primary concern. If the software solution doesn't meet your expectations, we'll continue revising it until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

    • Should you not require any work in a particular month, you can pause your subscription and resume it when our services are needed again. There are no penalties or additional fees associated with pausing your subscription.

    • As the work is of high quality, no refunds will be provided once a task is active and underway.


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